About Medlync

Todd Kostrub, CEO of Medlync, founded his company on these cornerstones of success – experience, education, understanding and passion. Over the past decade, Medlync has become recognized for delivering top-tier MD/DO, PhD., RN, LPN, Medical Secretaries and C-level candidates to healthcare organizations in need of experienced personnel for making an immediate and positive impact in their daily operations. During that time, Todd has spent countless hours researching the top candidates in a given field, conducted over 5,000 personal interviews and developed effective recruitment and retention strategies for over 100 clients, which include:

  • Bancroft Neurohealth
  • Virtua Health System
  • Main Line Health System
  • Merck
  • Several Private Physician practices

In addition, Medlync is also one of the first talent development firms in the nation to offer exceptional recruitment services to the educational sector.

The Cornerstones of Medlync's Success

Experience – Prior to forming Medlync, Todd Kostrub spent several years as the Recruitment Leader for Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), Virtua Health and Tenet Health System (formerly known as Graduate Health System).

Education – With a background in Industrial Psychology, Todd Kostrub has the ability to provide a full departmental analysis and uncover its correlation within the company's new hire strategy.

Understanding – Because of his extensive background in medical field recruitment and retention, Todd Kostrub has a firm understanding about the demands and responsibilities placed on a healthcare organization's recruitment and hiring staff. He brings with him the benefit of having been on both sides of the phone, and completely understands the idiosyncrasies that exist within the medical and pharmaceutical industries. This unique insight is one of the key advantages that position Medlync above other recruitment and retention firms.

Passion – Competitive by nature, Todd Kostrub is the driving force behind Medlync's success. Passionate about procuring the best candidates for each client's needs, his tireless approach to recruitment and retention, and dedicated hands-on philosophy, ensures greater satisfaction and ultimately reduces the cost and time afforded to the hiring process.