Ask yourself:
Where did my recruiter come from? Are they culturally aware of how our firm operates? Are they experienced in my industry? Do they know the key players?
Medlync provides the talent development, retention and consulting services medical and educational organizations need to position themselves ahead of the competition.

7 Reasons to Choose Medlync as Your Talent Development Firm


  1. The professionals at Medlync have over 23 years of experience in the field of employee recruitment and retention with 13 years on your side of the phone.
  2. Medlync's founder and CEO, Todd Kostrub, takes a hands-on personal approach to each and every client, maximizing each client's propensity for success.
  3. With his previous experience in the recruitment and retention field, Todd has an intimate understanding of the responsibilities placed on hospital administration and human resource managers.
  4. Medlync offers expert talent projection analysis and succession planning strategies so your organization is prepared to efficiently manage future occupational obstacles and vacancies.
  5. Clients can position themselves for success by employing and retaining top talent within a given area of expertise.
  6. Medlync can relieve an organization's employee management responsibilities through all-inclusive PEO (professional employee organization) services.
  7. Unlike other recruitment firms, Medlync uses Industrial Psychology to completely qualify a candidate prior to being submitted for our client's consideration.

Discover the difference of working with a recruitment firm that completely understands both sides of the industry. Discover the difference with Medlync!

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